"Last night's session was great! I slept so well afterwards and I'm really glad I made myself get out of the house in the wild weather to come along. Thanks Lauren"

Jenny M

"Loving the gentle nature of Lauren's yoga classes. She manages to push you to your own potential without you even realising it"

Katie B

"I found Lauren to be an excellent yoga instructor throughout a recent 4 week course. The classes were incredibly relaxing and Lauren took the time to cater to everyone's needs and abilities. Thanks so much"

Keira H

"Lauren is an incredible teacher. She's extremely patient, doesn't push you to do things you're uncomfortable with, makes sure you're not hurting yourself and brings an overall sense of calm, relaxation and accomplishment to the class. There's no judgement, no feelings of "I can't do this" or "I'm going to make a fool out of myself". I can proudly say that after 4 weeks I'm sleeping better, experiencing less pain in my joints and noticing a bit more flexibility. I urge anyone of any shape, size and flexibility to join yoga for some giggles and to make a positive change in your life."

Sarah S

"I'm new to yoga and I'm loving it. It's fantastic and convenient that Lauren comes to me and my friends, and I can enjoy our weekly yoga classes in the comfort and privacy of my home. Lauren is doing an amazing job at teaching us beginners yoga"

Rochelle S

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